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​​The facilities of recycling plants, our core business, are expected to have rapidly growing demand overseas, especially in Southeast Asia where economic development is ongoing. The developing countries in Southeast Asia usually had handled domestic wastes in landfills because they had been busy to focus on their own economic development.

However, nowadays, landfills of Philippines, Vietnam and China have reached at the saturation point. And they feel daunting to process additional domestic wastes. Each government is reviewing alternative plans for landfills and one of those plans is the recycling plant which is same with ours.

Therefore, to keep pace with this trend, we felt keenly the necessity for international management so that we established new international logistics part and now, we are generalizing lots of works related to overseas. There are management items such as the recycling plants, various medical facilities, trading products and so on. For being a global corporation, we will try our best to enhance services and quality of international inspection standards.​