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Project History



 Project History





-February  - Contact us for effectiveness, etc. of plant facilities;
-March - Interview with the Ministry of Environment: Agreeing on the details and necessity and proposing to conclude the MOU.
-March - MOU signed with PAN about SRF power plant in San Mateo landfill in the Philippines.
-May - Korea District Heating Corporation Agreement




-September - DENR Global Green Hub Korea (GGHK) Co., Ltd. in the Philippines.
-October - Participating in the ASEAN Summit. Exhibition of SRF plant models selected by the Ministry of Environment
-October - President Duterte's briefing on the MEETING SRF plant.
-October -Philippine Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy's economic mission to the landfill during the ASEAN summit.
-December -Ministry of Environment of the Philippines 2nd MOU
-December -Philippine Ministry of Environment officially cooperated with the Korean Ministry of Environment.




-January  - Philippine Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, requesting cooperation from BOI