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We manufacture and install the recycle plant capable of classifying and selecting daily waste which can be reused as fuel.
The rapid development of the industry upgrades the quality of human life but also, in the contrary, add human's pain because of environmental pollution created inevitably.


One of the most efficient way to handle this saturated condition of household waste is to classify rapidly the waste and household waste and reuse them. As we are the pioneer of this field, we get requests not only from domestic facilities but also abroad facilities, especially in developing countries and after getting requests, we make and install customized design for each field location of those countries through the status investigation of waste.

We ensure that this business will be useful in terms of resource recycling and environment for upcoming future. Our company are predicting the potential possibility for development of this business so that we hope your attention and affection. 



Our technology holds the patent license for a method of continuously producing recycling aluminum and alloys from wasted aluminum cans and the patent technology of variable air mixing injector for a burner. And also, our facilities of recycling plant received the certifications of total quality management system and environmental management system.  


Pan Engineering, Corporation for the future and the environment