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Aluminium cans

Aluminium cans

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The recycle of aluminum cans challenging to 100% of the recovery !!


Al-can Recycle System collapses compressed aluminum cans (separating the compresses cans one by one). Then it is effective to separate debris. At this time, you could take advantage of our company's machine for collapse. 


And then after sorting only Al-cans through the automated high-efficiency sorting system such as a magnetic separator, a vibrating screen and an eddy sorting device, this system removes plating of the surface and inside of can by putting them into Rotary Kiln. Then, it classifies caps of cans and taps, and uses them as a deoxidizer. The body of can is dissolved producing materials for Can To Can and during dissolving process, this system shortens dissolving time by rotating molten metal by using EMS equipments. The system produces high purity (97.5%) aluminum ingots by patent technology enhancing the recovery rate (from 70%  to 91%) through this procedure as mentioned.   



The procedure is composed of putting compressed aluminum can (waste), collapsing, vibration selectors, sorting(screening) table, magnetic separator, nonferrous selector, weighing feeder, Rotary Kiln, vibration selectors, smelting furnace, storehouse, casting machine, automatic integrator and so on.


This is a system that ensures sufficient business value because it can produce aluminum ingots to deliver raw materials for each company, and it has more competitiveness than existing aluminum raw materials in terms of uniform quality.