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Solid fuel

Solid fuel

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Produce electricity by using abandoned domestic waste !!


The systems recycling domestic wastes is composed of 2 kinds of systems -   RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) system producing solid fuel by combustible domestic wastes and RPF(Refuse Plastic Fuel) system producing highly-efficient fuel (RPF) that contains plastic components. RDF is a solid fuel produced by mechanical and biological method after screening, crushing, drying, grinding, and molding wastes except for inflammable materials such as plastic, metal, and water.


RPF has higher caloric value than RDF and it is high efficiency fuel reproduced by screened wastes such as plastic and vinyls.


RDF means the fuel from wastes and details about RDF are mentioned above. The ways utilizing RDF as fuel are to be used in energy consumption companies ( cement, asphalt, paper, steel, ect.), alternative fuel for thermoelectric power plants,  RDF- only boiler in medium-small sized for rural areas, and regional air-conditioning.


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Currently, household wastes, raw materials for RDF, occur 50,350 tons per day. And among them, 29,150 tons per day are recycled and 11,890 tons per day are ended up in landfills so that soil and underground water are contaminated. This is the main cause of environmental pollution. 


If we manufacture RDF by wastes ended up in landfills, environmental destruction could be prevented and contribute to save resources. Lots of developed countries such as Europe, USA and Japan already have developed and used RDF as alternative resources for more than 30 years but other countries such as Korea still only depend on landfills and incineration so that the pollution is getting serious. Moreover, in Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia and other developing countries, the technology of RDF is in its infancy. Therefore, if we awaken the awareness of environmental protection vigorously and do active marketing as a potential and profitable field, it could be said that our company and RDF plants have a infinite possibility of development.