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About project

About project

  About project



We are the professional production company developing a system that converts municipal waste into fuel. In addition, our business Is the living closely-type industry repossessing daily wastes and through screening process, compressing or processing them. And it is also eco- friendly business that can contribute to low-emission process and at the same time, reduce the carbon dioxide.

Nowadays, the pollution problem is becoming more serious and international environmental organizations are also taking steps to limit such emissions allowances. In these situations, the recycling plant business which we are concentrated on is worth enough to further develop in the future. And it will give a lot of help to the serious pollution of foreign developing countries.  


Of course, there are various recycling businesses. But we have 3 kinds of focused businesses.
The first one is RDF / RPF project, converting municipal waste into solid fuel and using it as alternative energy such as coals and oil.



The second one is the business producing aluminum ingots by recycling aluminum cans. This is to produce and sell aluminum ingots based on the disruptive technology where our technology is melted (metal recovery rate is high as 91%).
The third one is the PELLET System recycling as plastic materials by reprocessing led by the sake of accuracy of screening.

Solid fuels produced in our systems are available for utilizing as alternative fuels in chemical plants, fuels for small-scale boiler facility specialized in RDF at rural areas, and regional air-conditioning.


Also, our management team and technician team have worked for more than 20 years at related works. They are experienced people who made excellent outcomes going into Nigeria, China, and Vietnam so that they can be the sturdy pillars of this business. Please pray for our development.